5 Tips to Become a Better Creative Writer

Tips to Become a Better Creative Writer

Creative writing can be a rewarding and enjoyable pursuit. It can be a field of study, a hobby, or even a career. Anyone can write creatively. All it takes is an understanding of how to structure literature, strong ideas, a command of your written language, and a little creativity. Extensive reading and practicing your craft can make you become a well-versed and talented writer in your chosen field. Here are some of the useful tips and tricks to help you become a better creative writer:

1. Choose a Genre

The first step to becoming a better creative writer is to master your genre. If you are a talented author, you can specialize in two or more genres. However, most authors stick to one genre and work to perfect it. No genre is greater than the other, so choose what you love most.

2. Read extensively

Creative writers are avid readers. Avid readers split their attention between the structure of a piece of literature and the actual events in the book. Reading helps you get a deep understanding of how stories are structured. It also gives you new ideas and skills to handle certain subjects.

3. Find inspiration

Periodicals are an author’s best friend. Writing ideas flow from anywhere. It can be in a bar, out at a coffee shop, or during a backpacker travel. By watching people in their routine interactions, you witness fascinating displays of humanity. That way you can generate plenty of ideas for characters. Keeping a journal helps you write down a sudden and brilliant realization before you forget it.

4. Develop the necessary narrative components

No matter what genre you choose, every piece of writing needs certain elements. Elements of fiction may not be essential in nonfiction and vice versa. Above all, a good piece of narrative writing should engage readers in an interesting and logical reading experience. Every piece of narrative writing should have a strong central premise.

5. Share your work

Once you polish up your writing, share it with your friends. Begin by sharing it with your closest friends and relatives. Showing your work to a small group limits the people who read it. Sharing it with your friends and relatives can be a good idea, especially if they are mentioned in your story. If you portray your friends or relatives in an unflattering manner, consider changing the character to avoid offending them.

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